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Re: Talk format flip on 1150AM

Of course the FCC doesn't approve format changes. However, for its own
reasons, Salem apparently decided not to LMA the property from Mega but
rather to start programming 1150 only after the actual transfer of control
had taken place. The grant of the application for transfer of control
appeared in the FCC actions a couple of days ago. So the actual transfer is
imminent and when it happens the new programming will apparently begin. The
buzz had been that Salem was going to program the station with secular talk
(it distributes several secular talk shows--Dennis Prager, for example).
That rumor seemed to be confirmed by the calls for which Salem had
applied--WYTS, which presumably stood for Your Talk Station. Although Salem
had been granted WYTS, different calls, WJTK, were granted a couple of weeks
ago to replace the never used (here, anyhow) WYTS. WJTK suggests Jesus Talk.
If that's what the calls stand for (and I can't imagine that they would
stand for anything else), the format won't be secular talk after all. WROL
has run a mix of secular talk, infomercials, and preaching/teaching. I can't
say that it will be interesting to see how the lineups on the three stations
of Boston's largest AM group owner (based on the number of AMs it owns in
the market) will shake out (l've always found listening to Salem-owned
stations to be the conummate boring experience), but I am curious.

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
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> >Word has it that the FCC has approved it and the target date is October
> >15th. (...a Wednesday?)
> >
> >Stay Tuned!
> Huh?
> Since when does the FCC approve (or not approve) format changes?
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