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Re: Concept advertising (was Re: Non-competes)

> "We'll drink, a drink, a drink
> To Lilly the Pink, the Pink, the Pink,
> The savior of the Human Race!
> She invented medicinal compound
> Most effacacious in every case!"

That song, IIRC, was done originally by a zany British
group called the Scaffold, featuring Mike
McGear (real last name McCartney-- yup, you-know-
who's brother). It was covered by the (Irish) Rovers
(and I have both versions).

The song is supposedly about a "patent medicine"
named after a woman, Lydia Pinkham; I think it
was made in Lynn (or at least for years there was
a building in town which had an ad for that company
painted on the side). It was supposed to relieve
the pains pregnant women suffered. It sure did: it
contained booze :)