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RE: Today's LTAR

At 11:28 AM 8/18/2003, Brian Vita wrote:
>XM radio has 2 all comedy channels.  One is PG the other is R/X rated
>stuff (we've dubbed it the penis joke channel).  They were interesting
>to listen to for about a day.  While they seem to have a good repertoire
>of material, you can only joke about genitalia so long...
>Brian T. Vita, President

How long is each channel's "rotation"?  Meaning how long before they start 
repeating the same comedy bits?   I remember being on a long flight as a 
kid (Chicago to Sea/Tac I think...against the jet stream the whole way) and 
the comedy (audio) channel  in-flight only had about 45 minutes of material 
and that wasn't nearly enough.

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