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Re: Car Ad Marathon on Channel 56

Mark Watson wrote:
>    A commercial break during tonight's 10 O'Clock News on WLVI (Channel 56
>Cambridge/Boston) had 4 automobile ads in a row. Jeep, followed by Honda,
>Lexus, and Nissan. I've never seen more than 2
>car ads in a row until what I just saw, but 4 competing car makes in a row?
>Anyone paying attention in traffic and ad scheduling?

Maybe they're just overloaded with car ads & have no other place to put 
them.  It seems that every car dealer is buying huge ad schedules 
lately.  My guess is that sales are weak and dealers are stuck with lots of 
leftover 2003s and are anxious to unload them.  Have you counted the # of 
Toyota ads/hr on WBZ?