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Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

Just a quick question....

Does *anyone* really think he advocated hitting her?


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> > I agree.  The further context of Ryan's remarks was the
> > discussion of the
> > chants about the allegation of Kidd hitting his wife.  That
> > history makes
> > Ryan's remarks more objectionable.  If there had been no
> > issue of domestic
> > violence, I could write off Ryan's remark as a bad choice of
> > words.  But in
> > the context of the domestic violence allegations, they are offensive.
> >
> > -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
> Lobel tried to give Ryan a mulligan (at least once) on the remark.  Ryan
> more than a brain hiccup there.  He passed on the chance to rethink his
> Had he done so, such as, "Oh, I didn't mean it as I just said it...." and
> rephrased, he likely would have gotten a pass after a walk to the
woodshed.  Not
> a rookie error.
> Bill O'Neill