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Re: Rush, O'Reilly ratings race closer here in Boston

And as others on this list have noted, it would be interesting to see 
how the two shows would do in Chicago if they were both on full-market 
signals.  If O'Reilly is getting a 3.3 on a couple of rimshot AM's that 
don't even appear in the Chicago book, then I think he's doing quite 
well considering the situation.  I would think that if O'Reilly was on 
one of the other big AM's or a 50K FM Talker, the numbers would be much 

I also wonder about the numbers here in Boston.  Are they 12+, 25-54 
persons or 25-54 men?  If they are 12+, it's very possible that O'Reilly 
could be winning in the younger, more saleable demos, while Rush's 
numbers are padded with 55+ cume, much like the rest of WRKO's dayparts. 
Just as it took WTKK a couple of years to become a consistant performer 
in the market, it also takes as long for a new talk show to find it's 
audience.  The fact that O'Reilly is as close to Rush as he is after 
less than a year on the air is showing that Limbaugh is beatable.  

Mike Thomas

Bob Nelson wrote:

>I checked out the Drudge Report article
>(http://www.drudgereport.com/bor.htm) about how Rush
>Limbaugh is handily beating Bill O'Reilly in the
>ratings. Interesting, though, to note that the closest
>O'Reilly gets to Limbaugh is here in the Boston
>market, where Rush gets a 5.0 and Bill O'Reilly
>gets a 4.5.
>Much closer than in places like Chicago, where
>Rush gets 6.6 to O'Reilly's 3.3.