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Re: Rush, O'Reilly ratings race closer here in Boston

I don't see how O'Reilly has any chance to compete in
Chicago with Rush on WLS (50KW signal and top 5
Arbitron).  O'Reilly's "Chicago" affiliates are tiny
AM almost-rimshotters (WAIT, Crystal Lake and WJOL,
Joliette) that don't even show up in Chicago Arbitron
12+ nubers (source R&R's published numbers

In the Boston market, this would be comparing WRKO
with some "Boston" AM signal that doesn't show up like
WBNW (1120KHz) or WBPS (ironically on 890KHz).

It would be interesting to compare overall numbers for
the station each is on and how their shows perform for
their respective affiliates.  I think individual
affiliate performance will determine O'Reilly's future
more than the overall numbers.  If O'Reilly performs,
maybe some bigger signal in Chitown could try him out
though there aren't many good fits there.  Maybe some
under-performing AM like a WMVP (1000KHz) picks him up
midday to pump up the numbers on their great (but
seemingly largely ignored) signal.

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