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Re: Rush, O'Reilly ratings race closer here in Boston

--- tony schinella <radiotony@attbi.com> wrote:
> I would be that O'Reilly does better in Boston
> because he used to work at
> channel 7 and because his show is on FM and not AM.
> I haven't seen the
> ratings but I heard that WTKK is doing pretty well
> against WRKO. Someone
> said on the list last period that Jay Severin was
> handily beating Howie
> Carr. Any truth?

That could be. I think Howie may have won 12+ but
otherwise, Severin won the time slot, and WTKK's
ratings for other shifts were also higher, from what I

Wonder if, in many cities, O'Reilly wound up on
lower-powered stations, rimshotters, etc., with the
dominant talkers taking Rush instead...