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Spring Break DXing

During Spring Break '94 in Daytona Beach, I was probably the only
college student sitting in a car on the beach, scanning the dial. WBZ
came in loud and clear around 5 that afternoon. Nothing like watching
hundreds of young women sunbathing, playing volleyball on the beach,
etc., while listening to the latest 'traffic on the threes' from several
hundred miles away. There is a certain satisfaction from watching waves
crash on a Florida beach while hearing that the southeast expressway is
slow and heavy, the Allston tolls are backed up...

Sid Whitaker

> From: "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@attorneyross.com>
> > I was in Bermuda for Spring Break from college in 1966.  I didn't do any
> > DXing from there, but one night, around 1 AM, as I was pulling out of a
> > restaurant parking lot on my rented moped, a VW bug pulled up next to me,
> > and on its car radio, I heard WBZ, loud and clear, sounding like a local.