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Re: VB and Mumbles, was wake for Jerry Williams

--- Paul Hopfgarten <phopfga@mclaneco.com> wrote:
> Actually, I was the 1st caller to the show last
> night, and VB asked me to
> name a city in western Mass before he had played
> that clip. (I said
> Pittsfield...stupid me, not picking up on the point
> of the question...)

Ah yes...though maybe you were just playing the
straight man to the entertainment value that is the

No, you got it right-- Pittsfield is in Western Mass.,
all right. :) I gotta admit, when he played the clip
and I heard the Mayor say "Newton" (TOTALLY
SERIOUS) I cracked up! From the man who once talked
about "the State of Philadelphia", "keeping people
from conjugating in Boston Common", and "that's
a real Alcatraz around my neck".

The idea of Menino making a speech in front of
the Democratic convention next year actually makes me
look forward to it. "And that is something that
really, really fries my nose." :)