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Re: Comcast local programming?

Kevin Vahey <k-vahey@attbi.com> writes:
> perhaps this is a hint of what we may expect in the future from Comcast
> http://www.cn8.tv/default.asp
> Now what will they call it here?
> as far as web addresses they have locked up comcast3.com
> cn3.com is owned by someone in Hong Kong but cn3.tv is available

Let me say that Comcast does a good job programming its cable channels (CN8
and Comcast Sports Net in Philly and the Mid-Atlantic, among them). I
briefly lived within CN8's distribution area this summer and was impressed
with the product...I'd say it was definitely superior to New England Cable
News in terms of production and content.

Hence lies the problem, though: I'm almost positive Comcast still owns a
good chunk of NECN (50 percent?) and I doubt they'd go with a CN3 to compete
with that product. Though CN8's programming is not exclusively news (they
air high school football games from throughout metro Philly and have an
equivalent of Mike Adams' old Sportsworld program) it relies very much on
topical talk programs. Maybe part of this whole thing involves gutting NECN?