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RE: Re:Network News

Arbitron has the information on their website at this link.  It states
the latest "RADAR" (Radio's All Dimension Audience Research) monitors 33
national networks.


Keith Fornal
Dutch Island Lighthouse Society

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---------- Aaron Read <aread@speakeasy.net> writes:
>I'm not sure I believe those websites there, Dave.  Not that I don't 
>believe the numbers...but what do they mean?   For example, a lot of
>stations carry a fair amount of NPR programming - several hours' >worth
-over a 24 hour period.   Whereas a station that airs a dozen >five
>news updates from CNN each day could be called an affiliate...even
>they're only carrying a pittance of programming.

Dave writes:
That's why I prefaced my posting with "if you believe their websites".
The thing I found most interesting that I was not aware of was the CNN
mention of Arbitron measuring 31 networks.  Anyone have access to those