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Fwd: This is awful

>DATE: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 09:44:33 
>From: "Kevin Vahey" <k-vahey@attbi.com>
>To: "Boston Radio Mailing List" <bri@bostonradio.org>

>The Space Shuttle broke up on re entry over Dallas   >developing

I was listening to "Weekend Edition" on WBUR-FM when the news
started breaking.  Delores Handy broke into the NPR live feed
with the headline;  I thought she'd give a Greater Boston
or New England story of import...a fire at Faneuil Hall,
Mayor Menino having a heart attack, something like that.
When she gave a national, even international story, I immediately 
thought "NPR will have that too"...
She read the initial headline that NASA had lost contact
with the shuttle for  longer than usual, and no more.
When WBUR went back to NPR, Scott Simon was ahead of the
headline, saying that a smoke trail was observed over Texas where the shuttle had been expected to fly over.  
Then he literally commented that they were out  of "Weekend Edition" and
into breaking coverage mode.  I've been listening up  to now on
radio.  Before I went on-line, WBZ radio was taking the
CBS-TV audio feed.  Also before that, WRKO was taking
calls with Pat Whitley as host.

Laurence Glavin

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