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RE: Globe on John Garabedian

Al Carter replaced Bud Ballou doing weeknights 6-10 on WMEX in 1971.  I
was so upset at the departure of Bud Ballou, that I never really gave
the guy a fair listen.  Several years later (late 80's) I was introduced
to Al Carp by a mutual friend.  Al told me that he was the "Al Carter"
who had replaced Bud Ballou.  Al was working as an engineer at WHDH at
the time.  He was really a great guy - very, very funny.  I believe he
did a lot of work with Jess Cain and Tom Doyle when they paired-up for
mornings on 'HDH.  I don't know what he's doing now.


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IIRC, he hired a WRKO technician named Al Carp (originally from
Manchester NH radio) to work on air at WMEX as Al Carter?  Can anybody