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RE: Globe on John Garabedian

  Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> >
> > He absolutely was at WMEX, in the early 70s.  I
> > remember it because....
>Was he the PD at the time Mac died?
>Also, rumor has it that John H. was the PD in during
>that one funky book where they actually beat 'RKO.

He was in both instances.  Mac's brother fired John H. shortly after taking 
over after Mac's death.

The one book you're talking about was either the spring or summer '71 
one.  John H. had been appointed PD just before that book began.  I don't 
think WMEX actually beat WRKO, but they came much closer than they usually 
did...perhaps even tying them in some demographics.  I know it was in the 
early fall of '71 when WRKO made some major format adjustments in reaction 
to that book.