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On 30 Jan 2003 at 3:04, Cooper Fox wrote:

> Didn't have a chance to check out the video yet, but
> are you sure it's for her song "Beautiful"?  Seems to
> me that that couldn't be any more risque'(sp?) than
> the video for "Dirty"

Depending on how one feels about such things, there are some scenes of a female 
impersonator putting on his outfit.  

I think that under the right conditions, children can probably handle the knowledge that such 
things exist.  I once saw a female impersonator brought in for something or other before 
Judge Adlow in the Boston Municipal Court some years ago.  

There was a school group in the courtroom, and after the case was over, one of the kids 
turned to the teacher and asked, "Was that a girl?"  The teacher shook her head no.  "Was 
it a boy?!"  The teacher nodded.  "That was a boy!" the kid said to the other kids.  I assume 
the teachers and parents had some explanations to go through that day and evening.  But I 
don't doubt that they could do so.

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