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Not being a Christina fan, I'd never heard the song or saw the video
until JP provided the link here.  (Thanks, JP.)  Granted, the visuals
presented were pretty shocking for a family audience.  But that "self
esteem" message is a real rarity!  That's a tough call, even for those
of us who aren't parents.  But I'd say it would be worth the risk that a
dialogue between child and parent might spontaneously open to discuss
those images.

And it beats the hell out of the anti-septic bloodbaths that we are
exposed to in movies and video games.


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> OK folks I need help with this
> Christina has a Top 40 single "I Am Beautiful"
> The video is "intense"
> The video I am talking about is in heavy rotation and I understand the
> message. My problem is can I or should I censor what my son is exposed
> to.