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RE: Comcast/AT&T Cable TV 3 Dumps Local Newscasts

Mark Watson:

> they were called together and told to pack up and leave.
> Gary didn't have
> much luck getting someone from AT & T or Comcast to say
> much about this. He
> did get a faxed press release emphasizing Comcast's
> commitment to local
> programming and it's customers and occasionally they
> review programming to
> better serve their viewers, but it doesn't even mention
> the axing of the
> local news.

Does that leave any other reasons _not_ to flip to the bird from
cable?  Hard-core politicos would have to stick around for public
access city council meetings, etc., but that's about it.  I used to
watch the local cast and know quite a few who did the same.  Kind of
a squirrely way to go about the axing, but it's a road-tested radio
technique dating back decades.  Gotta give them props for keeping it
so well under wraps before giving the team the walk to the parking
lot.  What's the channel for the code "FU"?

Bill O'Neill