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Re: Jason Beaubien/Zimbabwe

At 01:59 PM 1/29/2003 +0000, Chuckigo@att.net wrote:
>dave noted:
> >> (snip)... Jason Beaubien, Africa correspondent for
>National Public Radio... (snip)<<
>is he any relation to Andy Beaubien?  iirc, Andy was on WCOZ in the 70's, 
>pas?  and i do remember Jason's name from local radio(Boston).
>- -Chuck Igo

IIRC, Jason came to WBUR from KQED in San Francisco...I *believe* that's 
where he got started in radio, possibly indicating that he's from the west 
coast.   I used to work as Jason's engineer every once in a while for a 
local WBUR/Morning Edition piece and we'd chat.  He certainly doesn't have 
a Boston accent...I never could figure out what his accent was (it's the 
way he talks on and off mic, though).

He's also a very cool guy & a good reporter, and I'm glad to see that he 
seems to be getting regular work from NPR.  From the rumors I heard, he 
left WBUR because they were effectively screwing him over scheduling or 
something like that.

Speaking of which, has anyone noticed that WBUR is down to only four 
reporters?  Toni Randolph, Fred Thys (who's locked into the State House 
beat), Monica Brady-Meyeroff and Rachel Gottbaum.   Jeez...used to be there 
were like ten reporters in there, and that's not counting the WRNI crew.

And I probably missed a post or something about this...but I'm hearing Bob 
Oakes doing WBUR/Morning Edition interviews but I'm not hearing him much as 
the host during ME hours.   Is he moving off to other duties and Delores 
Handy is a permanent ME host now?

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