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Re:Re: Use of the Superbowl

From: "Dave Faneuf" <tklaundry@juno.com>
> I got a call Saturday from someone involved in the anti-war protests.  He
> told me that MoveOn.org was buying TV time on the ABC affiliate in
> Washington DC to run the "daisey ad" during the Superbowl so President
> Bush would be sure to see it.  Anyone hear if they actually did it or
> not?

>Dan writes:
>One thing a lot of these groups do is peddle a provactive ad to the DC >press
>corps and end up with free broadcasts of the ads on the cable news >networks
>and the Sunday shows.  In some cases, the actual buys are very small, >or in
>a few documented cases, non-existent.  In these cases, the media ends >up
>being willing suckers to the advocacy groups.  I'm not sure if this is >the
>case with the new daisy ad or the SUVs promote terrorism ads, but I >have
>heard a lot of talk about both ads and have yet to see either of them >run as
>an ad.
-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Dave writes:
I believe in this case it was a single market buy.  They were buying in DC thinking (probably with good reason) that the president would be watching.  I don't know that they pulled it off or not and I don't recall seeing any coverage from news organizations that they did.