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Fwd: [Pubtech] WXPN's New General Manager

>January 28, 2003
>                                                 Lori Doyle
>                                                 University of Pennsylvania
>                                                 (215) 898-8724
>                                                         or
>                                                 Dava Guerin
>                                                 Guerin Public Relations,
>                                                 (215) 914-2040 or (215)
>262-0740 wireless
>The former head of Fox’s WTXF-TV will take the helm of the University of
>Pennsylvania’s award-winning public radio station.
>PHILADELPHIA, PA January 28 ­ Roger LaMay, former general manager of Fox’s
>WTXF-TV in Philadelphia, was named general manager of WXPN, the public radio
>station of the University of Pennsylvania.
>LaMay, 49, will replace Vinnie Curren, who left the station this month to
>become senior vice president for radio at the Corporation for Public
>Broadcasting in Washington, D.C.
>According to Lori Doyle, vice president of communications for the University
>of Pennsylvania, LaMay’s appointment will further the station’s mission of
>providing diverse and innovative programming to audiences throughout the
>United States.
>“We’re very excited about having Roger become part of our talented team,”
>said Doyle.  “His vision, talent and creativity will help us continue to
>give listeners the best public radio has to offer, and provide a vehicle for
>musical artists to showcase their talents.”
>LaMay served as general manager at WTXF since 1996, and has twenty years of
>television management experience.  While at Fox, he worked with WXPN as a
>policy board member, as well as supported the radio station’s Singer
>Songwriter Weekend, and other external initiatives for more than five years.
>He has also personally supported WXPN as a member, as well as helped raise
>funds for the station.
>“I’ve been actively involved with WXPN for many, many years, not only in my
>role at Fox, but also as a member of the boards’ executive committee,” said
>LaMay.  “I am deeply committed to public radio, and intend to carry on ‘XPN’
>s tradition of showcasing musical diversity and programming excellence. It’s
>exciting to join the station as the staff prepares to move to a great new
>“We’re absolutely thrilled to have Roger come on board,” said Bruce Warren,
>program director for WXPN.  “Roger is an avid music fan with an eclectic
>taste in music, and most of all, appreciates our role as a dynamic public
>radio station.”
>LaMay holds a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Dynamics from the
>University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from
>Skidmore College.  He also serves on numerous non-profit boards, including:
>The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance; The Arden Theater; The Police
>Athletic League; the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Academy of
>Television Arts and Sciences, and others.
>He is a resident of the Germantown section of Philadelphia.
>88.5 WXPN is the non-commercial public radio service of the University of
>Pennsylvania and the premier public radio showcase for new music by the
>foremost recording artists of the singer/songwriter era.  WXPN’s signature
>program, World Café broadcasts daily on more than 150 public radio stations
>nationwide, serves as a microcosm of the station’s programming culture.  The
>World Cafe is distributed by Public Radio International and features a rich
>eclectic blend of contemporary rock, folk, alternative country, rhythm and
>blues, world beat and jazz.  For more information on World Café and other
>WXPN background, visit www.xpn.org.
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