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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 09:00:56 -0500 Dave Faneuf <tklaundry@juno.com>
> Dave:
> IIRC the last report I heard on radio advertising is that revenues 
> were UP, not down in spite of the economy.
> Tony: 
> > I work for a newspaper company. Two years ago, when the economy 
> was 
> > so
> > called "good," many of us accepted pay freezes to keep our jobs 
> and 
> > keep
> > others in our company from being laid off.
> Dave:
> Many newspapers across the country are finding readership and 
> advertising revenue dropping.  In my own community the local paper 
> used to boast nearly 100K copies sold daily on its masthead, now the 
> figure they quote is 50K and they have taken it off the masthead.

Dave:  1/28/03
I found a report on today's Inside radio showing a study by Corzen that
radio advertising is up over 8% while newspaper advertising fell.  The
blame the drop in employment classifieds as the reason.