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RE: BBC cutting news jobs

On 26 Jan 2003 at 23:56, Brian Vita wrote:

> Unless a radio station is heavily subsidized by a party with a vested
> interest (ie NPR), it must continually make sure that it has an audience.
> If, for example, you decided that you wanted to have an all polka station
> (and bandwidth was available), you had better determine if you had an
> audience for your advertisers.

As Bob Bittner has shown us, that isn't the only possible model for broadcasting.  You can 
broadcast the music you like for most of the week, just have a few leased-time programs 
somewhere to pay the freight.

Of course, if you're independently wealthy and can afford to subsidize a station, you can 
program what you want, regardless of audience.  I don't know of any station that does that, 

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