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Re: BBC cutting news jobs

This sounds like the same rationale for changing formats here.  '...you have
to evaluate the "payback" of each dollar spent.'


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> The purpose of the World Service was to spread the civilized "gospel" of
> British Empire into the far wild and less civilized (in their view)
> of the world.  In the age of funding cutbacks, you have to evaluate the
> "payback" of each dollar spent.  Apparently they didn't feel that the
> that they were spending equaled or exceeded the perceived benefit.
> VOA's product was to spread the word of America's view of democracy,
> anti-communism and other political views to places in the world that our
> government felt needed to hear the message.  Like the BBC, when those in
> charge felt that its need was no longer as vital, it got cut back.
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> said:
> [Re: BBCWS to North America]
> > What do you contribute to them that would make paying for the broadcast
> > worth their while?
> The same could be said of 99% of their audience (not to mention that
> of RCI, VOA, and almost every other major non-religious international
> broadcaster).
> > Are you in their prime listening area? NO
> Do they have a `prime listening area'?  (Not really.)
> > Are you likely to use any of the services promoted on the station?
> > NO
> The BBC World Service does not have any `services promoted on the
> station' other than itself.
> > Are you even a displaced British citizen? NO
> Do you know something about Sven that the rest of us do not?
> At the time the decision was made to cease broadcasting to North
> America, the BBC management was unaware that most of the stations in
> the US which carry their programming do so for only a few, usually
> non-prime hours per day.  In many other countries, the stations which
> relay the World Service do so 24x7, as a courtesy of the host
> country's broadcasting services.
> -GAWollman