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Re: BBC cutting news jobs

I would imagine maintaining the shortwave broadcasts (transmitter electricity, maintenance, labor-knowledge, etc) was costing at least a sizable amount**.  

Whereas streaming on the web is relatively cheap, esp. if you know your audience size isn't too huge and you can budget streaming server licenses and bandwidth accordingly.

- Aaron

** then again, I don't know squat about shortwave transmitters, but I'd think you'd need something pretty powerful to reach across the Atlantic day and night.

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On 26 Jan 2003, Brian Vita wrote:

> > And I really wish they would find the
> > braniac resposnible for cutting back on
> > Shortwave transmissions to North America and
> > shoot him.
> >
> > "you can listen via the Internet." Yeah
> > right....tell me that while I'm hanging out
> > in the park on a summer weekend. :P
> What do you contribute to them that would make
> paying for the broadcast worth their while?
> Are you in their prime listening area? NO Are
> you likely to use any of the services promoted
> on the station? NO Are you even a displaced
> British citizen? NO
> Why, then, do you feel that they have an
> obligation to stream to you? Yes, as radio
> dweebs, we enjoy listening to stations
> worldwide but you can't insult them
> ("brainiacs") for making a fiscally sound
> decision.
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