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Re: geek question....off topic

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Roger Kirk wrote:
> How about the venerable "Courier?"

That's the one I call "Typewriter" for obvious reasons.  I use it for my 
work email. I use Winblows Outlook and send everything out in plain-text.  

I like it because it looks clean and is easy to read.  And I'm used to the 
look because I used clanky manual typewriters during the 1990s (my 
highschool and college career).  

One wisen-heimer prof even wrote something to the effect of "WOW! A
manual typewriter!" on one of my term papers after he graded it!!!

However people at work send me crap in rich-text, html and with
fancy-schmansy pictures and backgrounds *roll eyes*.  So when I respond to 
them I have to turn the whole thing into plain text (which effectively 
gets rid of all the pictures and doo dads).