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Re: geek question....off topic

The old DOS font is now called "Terminal" usually, and it's not a TrueType font  (meaning it's not vector-based, and therefore will pixelate hardcore as you increase the size).

The two most standard fonts for Windows these days are Times New Roman (serifed), usually at 10-point size, and Arial (sans-serifed) also usually at 10-point.

More often than not, Times New Roman is used for the body of a text, whereas Arial is used for the headlines.  Myself, I prefer to use Arial throughout...I feel it looks "cleaner".

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On 25 Jan 2003, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> quick Non-radio question....
> What is considered the most "standard" font &
> size? (In theory and in practice.)
> What did we use for 'plain text' in the old
> DOS days? Don't say 'Pica' or 'Elite' from the
> Smith-Carona days.
> JP
> (Answer privately if you like.)