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Re:RE: Re: Minor league radio update

> Sean writes:
> Let's see what's available that would actually put a
> signal into Lowell at
> night: WCCM, nope. WCAP, nope. WLLH? Bingo.

>Not sure what you mean there. WCAP's ERP pushes 6kW in night power
>and nails its COL.  Ps n' wind to the north at night and also
<carries a good chunk of the Boston market after dark. But, no to
>WCAP for a host of other reasons as written many times on the
>Spinners topic.    WLLH has been a repeater for the Mega Boston
>signal since it flipped SP.  Never embraced the Lawrence ethnic
>base, IMO.
>Bill O'Neill

Not to put words into Sean's mouth, but I believe he wrote off WCAP since it is obvious that Maurice Cohen has no intension of selling.