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Re:Re: Minor league radio update

---------- "Mark Watson" <markwats@attbi.com> writes:
>And let's say Drew Weber does buy WLLH. What will he do for a format? I
>don't know if he would go with a live and local format, or find some
>birdfeed programming. Since WCCM dumped the Music Of Your Life that >may be
>something he would grab. 

Dave writes:
with respect to people on this list that enjoy NOS and program it, I would not be looking to that format if I were Drew.  It's a format designed to attract the older crowd (yes, I'm getting there) and not young people which would be his bread n butter re: the spinners.  I would attempt to see if I could pick up radio disney.  The Boston radio disney doesn't get any kind of signal in Lowell and the programming is aimed at kids that baseball needs to attract.

Mark writes:
>Of course, I thought WCAP should have gone with an
>adult standards format when WLLH flipped to Spanish a few years back. I
>recall hearing that  longtime WLLH jock/sales person Frank Sunday >(Messina)
>went to see Maurice Cohen to pitch the format to him after the sale to >Mega
>was announced, but Maurice wasn't interested in the format.

I agree that many of the shows Maurice carries from the bird are second and third tier shows, but MOYL is not the way to go.  Yes, it is also my understanding that Frank made a pitch but I think Maurice was right in turning down the format in favor of talk.
I have always maintained that WCAP is the most listened to station that noone will admit to listening to. 

Mark wrote:
>     As far as Weber goes, if he did indeed buy WLLH (or another >station),
>he would hopefully hire someone with radio management experience to >run the
>station. I'm sure Bob Ellis will be one of his first, if not the first
>person hired.

Weber didn't get wealthy by doing stupid things,  I fully expect he would hire someone who knows what he/she is doing.