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RE: Hypothetically speaking...in NH...

I would say that WHOM (94.9) puts out the best signal on a state-wide basis.

The old Peak FM signal (WPKQ 103.7) doesn't really cover the SW 1/4 of the
state as WKNE-FM in Keene shares the 103.7 frequency.

And on AM...WRKO certainly is a close 2nd to 'BZ in the Southern Half of NH

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> >I've always thought that NH was ripped off when it came to
> signals >covering
> >the state.  (WBZ probably covers more of NH that any one signal
> from >within
> >NH!)
> >Thoughts, comments?  Dan?
> JP
> I think there is an FM signal in NH that covers the entire state
> and then some, it's the old PEAK FM (I don't know what it's
> called these days) The last time I heard it they were
> simulcasting WOKQ.  Now if you want to put together a news format
> for NH that would rival BZ's in Mass let me know.
> Dave