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Re: CNET Radio RIP

CNET Radio is still available on XM satellite radio, which,
unfortunately, seems to be in similar financial straits.

Also, didn't CNET start out with an affiliate in the Bay Area? If so,
when did that station drop the format?

IMO, the problem with the computer/Internet talk format is that the
computer and the Internet have developed more into a utility, like the
telephone and the postal service, than an entertainment vehicle, much to
the chagrin of those who thought they could turn the Net into
television. Chatter about hot new Web sites and screen savers (remember
when we found those fascinating?) troubleshooting tips just don't make
for compelling listening the way they did when all this was fresh and
new and exciting. 

Even if the Internet bubble hadn't burst, I don't think an Internet talk
format would have lasted long into the 2000s. Utilities have no sizzle.
After all, who gets on the phone just to talk about hot new ways to use