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Re: Re:Clear Channel cuts do include on air positions

WJIB used Schultke (sp?).

Bonneville was on 100.7 WHUE.

At 12:02 PM 1/17/03 -0500, Rod O'Connor wrote:
>I meant back when WHOM was EZL/"Beautiful Music", pre-1995 with  the old
>Bonneville Music Service...Percy Faith, Montovani, Frank Chacksfield,
>Ray Conniff,  etc. 70's/80's era EZL (The OLD WJIB 96.9 used the same
>service I believe) I would consider WHOM now a much more AC station than
>EZL...but I'm sure that's open to interpretation of what you call easy
>listening or soft rock or whatever..
>The old WBYA "Bay 105.5" Did have a wide range of jazz/swing/standards.
>Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Mel Torme, Harry Connick, Duke Ellington,
>Lionel Hampton etc... Now with the MOYL it's more pop-AC sounding, much
>like  ABC Unforgettable Favorites on WDEA 1370 Ellsworth, or WestWood
>One on WABI-910 Bangor.
>Rod O'Connor
>Southwest Harbor, Maine