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RE: How much for 30 mins on WBZ (AM)?

regarding Lovell Dyett, Steve O. offered:
>>(snip) Sounds like an EOE employee to me.<<

to which Bill O. responded:
>>Whoa Nellie! EOE?  Lovell has been a mainstay of WBZ and Saturday night talk
> for a ton of years.  Although he may be on the back-nine, I think credit is
> due to both Lovell for hanging in there and to WBZ for not flipping more
> idiot switches.<<

let me add an "AMEN" to Bill's retort.  Lovell has always been rock-steady and 
well-versed in his subject.  when the subject is not one on which he is expert, 
he graciously offers his "non expert" credentials and is willing to learn.  
Lovell is a gentle man and a professional, worthy of a far greater assessment 
of his position and abilities than that offered by Mr. Ordinetz.  maybe Steve 
caught Lovell on an "off" night or something.  we've all had our share of "off" 
days/nights/moments, and sometimes we have more than our share.

- -Chuck igO (to keep the O thing workin'....)