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Re: Dead FM Technologies

WEZO 101.3 in Rochester, NY had an hour each day of beautiful
music in quadraphonic sound in 1975-6.  We used a Sony SQ encoder
fed by a 4 track tape.  What a pain.  I don't think anyone ever responded
one way or the other.

At 12:39 AM 11/30/02 -0500, you wrote:
>I was working and living in Arkansas during the quadraphonic hype and
>recall a Memphis FM station, WQUD, that broadcast in quadraphonic
>stereo. The format was uninteresting -- sleepy MOR -- and I wasn't in
>the financial position to buy a quadraphonic receiver, so I have no idea
>how it sounded.
>Did any stations up this way go quadraphonic in the late '70s?