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RE: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

On 29 Nov 2002 at 13:48, Cooper Fox wrote:

> So a tape had to have been recorded using a dolby
> system to make it all work correctly?  Maybe the tapes
> I was trying to play hadn't been recorded like that. 
> It's make sense as to why the thing never sounded
> right.

That's why most tape players had a switch that allowed you to turn Dolby on and off.  And 
tapes generally indicated if they had Dolby on them.  There could be a problem if you tried to 
play a Dolby tape on a player that wasn't equipped with Dolby, but that usually could be 
solved by adjusting the tone control or equalizer.  If you had a tape player that didn't have a 
tone control, you probably weren't expecting much musical fidelity anyway.

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