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Make that WBNW; also, re: WUMB (was Re: WLYN. WADN...)

--- Bob Nelson <raccoonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:

> By the way, it was said that WADN (1120) in Concord
> and WPLM (1390) in Plymouth were running real
> country

Oops, I meant WBNW (1120) in Concord. I was referring
to them by their previous call letters (the kind of
mistake the Globe might make :) )

By the way, the loss of the WUMB-FM simulcast on 1360
(as of Monday) may affect some WUMB listeners on the
North Shore. People in much of Salem can't pick up
WUMB-FM when my station, WMWM (91.7, Salem State) is
on, and some people a short distance away will get
splatter from WMWM over WUMB-FM. (Happens to me
in Beverly, especially with WMWM back at full 

Having the 1360 simulcast was nice, especially for
someone like me who was taping some stuff off WUMB
(like 'Midnight Special") for tape traders. I could
get it sans splatter at 1360 but now I'll have to 
deal with WUMB-FM 91.9 to get the show. (Of course,
WNEF 91.7 in Newburyport, also simulcasting WUMB-FM,
comes in well when WMWM is off, but WMWM is only
off part of the time.)

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