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Political Ad time limits

I just glanced at the Inside Radio tease they send me and noticed that one of the headlines quoted a GOP Senator calling for time limits for political advertising.  South Dakota Republican Bill Napoli wants to limit political ads to 60 days prior to an election.  On the surface I like it.  It reminds me of an interview I did with a British Lord a number of years ago, off air we were talking politics and he told me that he and his group were able to get John Major elected Prime Minister of Great Britian in 7 weeks and for under $10 thousand dollars!  Now, I understand that the political system in the UK is very different than that in the US but I like the premise.  For anyone who might question the constitutionality, as a layman I don't think it infringes on any rights it just sets limits.  I know in Lowell there is a city ordinance, that is enforced pretty well, that limits political law signs to within 28 days (maybe 21) of the preliminary or primary election.