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Re: John Collins Will Be Calling Turkey Football On WOTW

On Sat, 23 Nov 2002 16:05:36 -0500 "Mark Watson" <markwats@attbi.com>
> WSMN did something 
> different
> with high school football this season. Instead of carrying a single 
> game,
> they had a Friday night local show "Friday Night Lights" that 
> featured 2 in
> studio hosts and several "correspondents" calling in reports from 
> area games
> every few minutes via cellphone. In between the reports, the studio 
> hosts
> would update scores of high school, college and pro sports. It even 
> got a
> write up a couple of weeks ago in the Lowell Sun.
> Mark Watson

Not surprising since I saw an ad in the Sun for some event that was
sponsored by The Lowell Sun and 1590 Broadcaster,  Under the logo of the
1590 Broadcaster it said A Lowell Sun Company.