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Re:Re: AT&T/Comcast rates

---------- kvahey@attbi.com writes:
>biggest fib of all is Comcast has nothing to do with this rate hike....>(according 
>to quotes in Globe)
>Comcast in Philly pulled this stunt and it should happen here soon as >well...if 
>you have a movie package you must get a digital box......

Dave writes:
Actually in Lowell they have already pulled that scam.  They called subscribers and told them they could get a FREE upgraded digital box, wouldn't cost any money, no increase in rates, etc...then the next cable bill came in and guess what....yep, the digital box cost more money.  What was the solution?, anyone who got ripped off could have cable come back and put their old boxes back in.   Guess it's not fraud if you are a major corp.   
The Globe quoted the company as saying the reason for the rate hike is because of an increase in the cost of buying programming.  If that's true then what do we need the mega conglomerates for?  My old cable company could have been pushed around by producers...I guess controlling only 33% of the entire country's cable market doesn't give AT&T enough clought heh?