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Re: Radios In The Room

On Sat, 23 Nov 2002, SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> Russ Butler wrote:
> >And why is it that hotels and motels today have those cheap little GE or
> >Panasonic AM-FM radios  in the rooms?  They are hard to tune, the switches

Because they're cheap. Almost all new clock radios are hard to tune...and 
they drift.  GE is one of the better brands and that's a sad statement.

The switches are often broken because you have people who are into 
trashing hotel rooms and they treat the radio like a football.

> >They are bolted down on the side table, and who would want to take them

The same people who steal towels

Steve Ordinetz wrote:
> I've also seen hotel/motel rooms with radio/tv combos.  These seemed to 
> work better than the usual broken clock radio.  I for one appreciated hotel 

Those sets haven't been manufactured in years. I used to love them and 
wish I had one for myself.  Unfortunately as more hotels get "upgraded" 
and renovated, these old TV sets either find their way into private hands, 
landfills or thrift stores. The picture quality on the older sets seemed 
much better too.

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