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Re: Radios In The Room

Russ Butler wrote:
>And why is it that hotels and motels today have those cheap little GE or
>Panasonic AM-FM radios  in the rooms?  They are hard to tune, the switches
>are often broken, reception  quality stinks on both AM and FM, the little
>speakers sound tinny and the alarm function usually does not work anyway.
>They are bolted down on the side table, and who would want to take them
>home?  Anyone have examples of in-room radios that really do work well and,
>are people actually listening to the radio when there is cable tv, HBO, etc.
>to watch and games to play on the telly?

I've also seen hotel/motel rooms with radio/tv combos.  These seemed to 
work better than the usual broken clock radio.  I for one appreciated hotel 
rooms with radios back when I did business travel.  I've never been much of 
a tv person, and it would never occur to me to turn on the tv in the 
morning when I was getting ready for work...a radio was nice to have.  I 
usually brought my own anyway, but it got to be one less thing I had to 
bring on a long trip.

I think the trend toward clock radios in motel rooms is to get away from 
having to provide wake-up calls to guests.