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Re: Hotel Statler, Boston

I remember staying in a old hotel/motel in upstate New
York about 15 years ago.  There was a little gizmo on
the wall that looked like an intercom....and had a
3-way switch labeled ABC-NBC-MBS.  (Of course it was
not operative.)

I always wondered about that...possibly there was a
time when "Radio in the Room" was a big draw. (Also
interesting that they listed networks...not individual

Interesting that there was no "CBS" listed.   I don't
know why.

--- Russ Butler <oldradio@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Just surfing some old hotel names and I find that
> The Statler Hotel in
> Boston was built in 1927, and it was the first hotel
> in the world to offer
> radio service in its guest rooms!  It was a
> two-channel system with the
> guest selecting a channel and listening with
> earphones or a loudspeaker in
> the room.  The cost of the installation in Boston in
> 1927 was $50,000,
> andanother $750,000 to install radios in the Statler
> chain's six older
> hotels in Detroit,  Cleveland, St, Louis, New York
> and two in Buffalo, NY.
> The Boston hotel was E. M. Statler's last one that
> he built.  He died of
> pneumonia in 1928.
> Would anyone  know what two radio stations were that
> occupied the two
> channels in each or any of the Statler hotels?
> Russ Butler   oldradio@earthlink.net

Joe Pappalardo


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