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RE:Re: WCAS 740 Cambridge

I remember listening to Mike Davis on WTBS well. I thought he was one of 
the best DJ's in Boston, whether he knew it or not. He, and his engineer 
who dropped in all kinds of SFX often to Mike's surprise, were hilarious!

I remember that for a little while later Mike tried doing an open-forum 
telephone talk show called (of course) "Open Mike". This was late '67 - 
early '68. I have no idea what became of him.

There was almost always a "Night-Owl" show on the 88.1 schedule somewhere 
since WTBS signed on in 1961. Originally it was an all-request show, 
pretty much free-form, but pop and rock based, with wackiness encouraged.

Though "Night-Owl" was often done by MIT students since it's inception, 
since 1983 it has been designated as a "newbie DJ" time slot to help 
attract new MIT student DJ's to the station by allowing them to get a 
taste of airtime by doing some shows under supervision of other DJ's 
before their training is fully completed. 

(The supervising DJ's get behind-the-scenes "volunteer work credit" 
for doing that, and some sort of behind-the-scenes work credit is 
mandatory for community members to maintain their air slots).

Currently, "Night Owl" is on WMBR Friday nights 10 PM - 2 AM, and is new
MIT student DJ's playing what they please (and perhaps still some requests).

Eli Polonsky

>Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 20:57:25 +0000
>From: kvahey@attbi.com
>Subject: Re: WCAS 740 Cambridge
>does anybody remember a Mike Davis on the old WTBS circa 
>1967???  He as I recall hosted a show called Night Owl which 
>was all request and ranged from Rum and Coca-Cola by the 
>Andrews Sisters to the long version of Light My Fire (which 
>back then WTBS was the only Boston station that played it)

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