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Re: WCAS 740 Cambridge

>Bob N. wrote--
>I think Judith Brackley was one of their DJs. When I
>did a news internship at WFNX in the fall of '83, she
>was the Operations Director. Trying to remember other
>DJs names--Lesley Palmiter? Maybe Dick Pleasants, now
>of WGBH-FM? Any memories of WCAS?

Those were some of the happiest days of my life.  In 1973, over the 
objections of his GM who didn't want a woman on the air, Rick Starr hired 
me to do afternoons at WCAS, and I was on the air there till I left for 
WMMS in Cleveland.  It was my first full-time airshift in greater Boston, 
and I recall that Neila Smith worked there doing news.  Judith hadn't come 
to the station yet.  But I believe Frank Dudgeon was there by then...