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WCAS 740 Cambridge

Now that WUMB is temporarily being simulcast on WLYN
(1360) in Lynn, it's interesting to hear folk radio on
the AM dial. Remember when we had a full time folk
station in Cambridge? Yup, WCAS
"Watertown/Cambridge/Arlington/Somerville"), when it
was run by Wickus Island Broadcasting. I wasn't really
into folk music when it was on, but am now... I'd
heard a few minutes of it sometimes when scanning the
dial. Too bad I didn't listen longer (or tape it).
It probably would have been similar to what WUMB is
doing now, musically.

Yes, WCAS is now the famed WJIB of Let's Talk About
Radio fame...

I do remember they'd sign off at sunset and play some
offbeat tapes to announce that fact. One was a kind of
spoof of a children's show; another used clips from
the TV special Frosty the Snowman (I think?). And one
other had an instrumental with mice (Chipmunk?)-like
voices adding words.

I think Judith Brackley was one of their DJs. When I
did a news internship at WFNX in the fall of '83, she
was the Operations Director. Trying to remember other
DJs names--Lesley Palmiter? Maybe Dick Pleasants, now
of WGBH-FM? 

Any memories of WCAS? 

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