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Re: Globe: WODS' 15 years of oldies

Nostatic wrote:

>Six of their top eight most played artists are Motown artists.  The
other >two are the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
Yet the articles says there's just an "occasional" Rolling Stones song -
"thrown in".

>Most played?  Hardly.  His two songs accounted for seven spins for the
>week, or one Puckett song per day.
I must admit they have recently reduced airplay of Union Gap songs.
But, up until a few months ago, it was not uncommon to hear Gary Puckett
twice in a day - sometimes twice in a 6-hour period.  To be accurate, he
had four songs that were in CONSTANT rotation.  "Young Girl", "Woman,
Woman", "Lady Willpower" and "This Girl Is A Woman Now"

Any statistics on my observations about listener age?