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Re: Globe: WODS' 15 years of oldies

Allow me the privilege of some scant quoting of the Globe Article to support scholarly commentary:

>WODS's appeal, however, doesn't rely solely on the >classic tunefulness of the Supremes or Temptations.
They did last weekend.  I was Motowned to death.
Even during their regular week, Motown is a HEAVY influence.

> Although a casual listen will still reveal a >focus on '60s pop (with the occasional vintage >Rolling Stone rocker thrown in), the definition of >oldies has changed. ''The '60s are still our >core,'' says Street. 
Lots & Lots & Lots & Lots & Lots of Beatles.

>''When we first started, I wasn't a huge oldies >fan,'' says Benson. ''But I was won over by the >way people reacted. And now I'm 41, and this music >is for people in their 40s, especially women.

40's?  let's see - the average would be 45.  Median age of musical taste/experimaentation should be about 17 (right between High School & College).  45-17 = 28.  2002-28 = 1974.  Hardly the 60's.  Taking the statement "60's are our core" at face value and taking into account the fact they play little pre-Beatles, the midpoint bewteen '64 & '70 would be approximately '67.  If a listener entered college that year, they would be 52, not 41.  In 1967, Sandy Benson would have been 6 years old.  That's a bit early for good solid memories - the kind that go along with dating, driving & drinking, etc.

Somebody's using fuzzy math.

>"We're looking for songs that have sound and >spirit and fun."
Their most played artist - Gary Puckett sings of girls way too young for him (Young Girl) and infidelity (Woman, Woman).  Fun?