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Tonight's Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate

   Just to note that tonight's Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate featuring
all 5 candidates on the ballot and originating from the WLVI (Channel 56)
studios will also be carried on WBZ Radio and on C-Span. It's also been
noted that all area TV stations will have taped excerpts made available to
them after the debate is over. Be interesting to see how the other stations
in town cover this debate. Also, New England Cable News is holding a debate
with all 5 candidates participating the week after next, the date, time and
location TBA.

   Should be interesting to note how this will or will not affect the
remainder of the campaign. Tonight's debate will feature questions from only
one person:WLVI and WBZ Radio political analyist Jon Keller, who has been
known to drop some interesting questions in the past, most notably asking a
1996 Presidential candidate (whose name escapes me at the moment) the price
of milk and eggs. The candidate said he didn't know, and this doomed his
campaign as it made news from coast to coast. So we can expect the
unexpected from Keller as far as questions go.

Mark Watson