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Re: Re: Corporate network bash

On Tue, 08 Oct 2002 02:30:11 -0400 Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com>
> >Dan B wrote--
> >
> >No, but one source of the speech is enough and Public
> >TV ought to be the station to provide it.
> Since this was not a major policy speech, there was not a lot of 
> incentive 
> for all the networks to carry it-- Pres. Bush  has been stating and 
> re-stating these same themes for weeks.  Keep in mind that the 
> networks 
> didn't carry many of Clinton's or George HW Bush's speeches either, 
> unless 
> they were given at press conferences or contained some new policy 
> statement.  Years ago, the networks carried every speech, whether 
> important 
> or not, but since the cable TV boom, the networks are a lot more 
> selective 
> about what they give up prime time advertising to carry.  

FDR's declaration of war on Japan was not a major policy speech either,
so I guess the networks should have gone on with regular programming and
played Charlie McCarthy.  That address launched us into war,  Bush's
address was only a prelude to war so I guess that's different.     
I find it interesting that the public is critical of the media on a
number of fronts but God help ABC if I don't see Drew Carey, who cares
that for the first time Bush said what kind of proof he has against
Saddam Hussein.

WBZ and WBUR along with channel 7 carried the address.  I don't know aout
NECN because we don't get cable at the station....many people don't get
cable and like it or not most Americans get their information from TV not
radio or newspapers. 

>Rightly or wrongly, they regard this as a business decision. 

And that is why I put Corporate network bash in the subject line