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Re:Re:Re: Corporate network bash

---------- tklaundry@juno.com writes:

From: tklaundry@juno.com
To: billingsdan@yahoo.com
CC: bri@bostonradio.org
Subject: Re:Re: Corporate network bash
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 02:12:48 GMT

---------- Dan Billings <billingsdan@yahoo.com> writes:

>With most people having cable TV today, I don't see
>why it is necessary to put coverage of such a speech
>on every channel.

Dave writes:
I guess those without cable don't count and don't need to make informed decisions heh?  Not like we could be going to war or anything like that...Ohhhh...we might?

Dan Writes:
>Interesting to note that Maine Public TV is also not
>carrying the speech.  You would think that the
>non-commercial alternative would provide such
>coverage.  If public TV provided the coverage, it
>would be available to those without cable.

Dave writes:
I agree that Maine Public TV certainly should have carried the speech. I noticed that Boston's Chanel 7 dumped NBC programming and carried the speech, channels 4 and 5 did not carry it.

I'm just resending this to correct the signature and make it clear who wrote what.